Sherry wanted me to convert her porch into a screened porch. I put in new columns, rails, lattice, a new door and screen.


Matt and Dorotea had a Champion all-season room added to the back of their house. I installed a marble tile floor over a heat mat, Schluter Ditra as a decoupling membrane, then installed the porcelain tile.

Mick and Angela's screened porch is on a concrete slab. I used Schluter Ditra as a decoupling membrane, then installed the porcelain tile.

Fred had me build a replacement for his 30-year-old deck. The design is similar to the previous version, allowing for access to the upper storage room in the garage while spanning the garage door. Plus, it has stairs along the side of the garage.

The old deck had a flitch beam (a steel beam between two lumber beams), but the whole thing twisted with age and was hazardous.

Above are the new stairs.

I built a triple 2x12 beam that is 22 feet long, using these homemade scaffolds to build the beam in place. At approx. 500 pounds, there was no other way to get the beam in place.

The view from the deck. The handrails are at a 5 percent slope to shed water.

The new deck is supported by 6x6 posts, and the handrails are held up with notched 6x6 posts.

Clay removed the boards from the deck on the far end (outside the screened porch) and I replaced them with Trex. The middle section was 2.5 inches lower than the section at this end, so I glued and nailed pressure-treated lumber that I ripped to get the correct elevation. Finally, I added Trex and built a new stair.


Dave and Jennifer's deck was 12 by 20. I expanded the overall size to 16 by 20 after Dave removed the rail and decking. We were able to use the existing joists.

I used composite decking, vinyl rails, Miratec composite trim, and screened it using the Screen Tight system, all elements to make it as low maintenance as possible.

For Chip and Sherril's existing screened porch, I installed tile over the decking. I put down a layer of roofing felt then screwed down 3/8ths exterior plywood over the decking. Next, I used Schluter Ditra over thinset, followed by another layer of thinset, then the tile.

I added a deck out Pete and Laurie's screened porch and installed a screen door for access.

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I built a ramp and stairway for a church.




I enclosed Derek and Samantha's deck. The new screen room will eventually have a hot tub, so the first order of business was to put addtional support underneath the deck.

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