Miscellaneous exterior projects

Homeowner Mark had me build a portico similar to one he found online. I also installed the new front door.

The 1950 ranch house had a flat front and no protection over the front door.

I used an online calculator to figure the arch radius.

Sharon had me build this whimsical gate.

Lee, who works in real estate, saw my Big Drawer video online and tracked me down. I built this drawer with place holders for signs.

I built a small portico over our front door to divert the rainwater off our front stoop. A roofer installed a black metal standing-seam roof.

I rebuilt my mom's front stairs using composite decking. The stairs were covered by exterior carpeting (not shown), and the treads were in various stages of rot. The stringers holding the stairs had been rotting underneath too, so I cut nine new stringers that sit on cinder blocks.


I added a portico over Derek and Samantha's backdoor. Between this project and when I did the screened porch, they had their house painted blue.


I took the siding, trim and shingles off Roman's shed (pictured at right) and built a 12-by-8 addition. I sided the shed with HardiPanel and Miratec, both of which are great for rot resistance. I shingled the roof to match Roman's house.


Isn't this a great 'before' picture?

I built this portico over Roman and Linda's front door. A steel fabricator created the columns, and a roofing company put on the metal roof.

For Geri Ann and Michael, I cut and assembled cedar lumber to make these shutters based on Geri Ann's design. She selected the wood and the hardware, and Michael and I installed them.


David's four dormers and other locations around the exterior had extensive wood and siding rot.


I replaced the siding with HardiPlank cement board and the trim with Miratec composite trim.