Here are some pictures of my woodworking.

Last updated: May 31, 2008

The final piece of furniture for our TV room is this cherry and poplar coffee table.

This is what is under the hood.

It has two drawers, and I used my interlocking router bits for the drawer joinery (at left). Above, the tapered legs had dadoes to receive the stretchers.

I matched the armoire (below) to make this TV stand. The armoire has been repurposed as a computer desk.

After finishing the armoire, I needed an end table. It is all poplar except for the top, which is cherry. I hand-dovetailed the drawers.

I built this armoire modeled after the example below from Sturbridge Yankee.

I biscuit-joined several 1x6 and 1x8 pieces of poplar for the sides and top. For the shelves, I used 3/4-inch plywood to make it sturdy enough for a TV. Below I'm marking where the top should line up.

Previous projects

The finished end table. The top is maple and the sides and legs are poplar. Below, the top is biscuit joined, glued and clamped.

I hand-cut dovetails for the drawers and put a lever in the back to keep the drawers from tilting down. Here I'm cutting the dovetails for the drawer sides.

This is the catalog picture I worked from. In the photo below, I'm aligning the drawer fronts.

This is the router table I built for the purpose of other woodworking projects, including the end table above. Now I can't imagine not having a router table. Here, Bambi is inspecting my work.

The router table fences are separate and can be adjusted in four directions. Plus, they are removable so that I can roll the table under my workbench.

I built this bridge to span our ditch.